Release Notes 1-20-2021

This is a minor release that contains a few critical bugs, and some minor changes to the frontend UI.

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Release Notes 1-11-2021

We fixed a bunch of bugs in this release that were causing errors, or causing frustration with our users. Besides bugs, we also made enhancements to the frontend UI, and enhancements on the backend to improve performance.

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Release Notes 12-19-2020

Updates to the search results page.

This release focused on improving the search results page. We optimized things to make the page load faster… by a lot! In addition, we added Marvin to the top of the search results page. He’ll give you helpful info and advice about your search. Finally, we fixed a bunch of bugs and made a few improvements behind the scenes.

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Release Notes 10-6-2020

Upgrades to the backend to make searching values faster

This release was all about speed. We made big changes behind the scenes to provide users with better service. Users will notice a big increase in page load times… and we’re able to handle large numbers of concurrent users without impacting performance.

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How to Look Up the Value of…

Search tips for looking up value of collectibles

Using Mavin to look up the value of your collectibles is easy… once you get the hang of it! If you’re new to Mavin, it may take a little trial and error before you get the hang of it. Each type of collectible is slightly different. The trick is knowing what details to include in your search and what details to leave out.

This article shares 5 pro tips for appraising item values!

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Release Notes 9-20-2020

Update to make item values more accurate and other bug fixes

We fixed some high priority bugs that were driving people nuts! We also did some follow-up work on the big release from last week, like optimizing and making things faster for users. We also killed some really big bugs that were affecting the clickability of the search results.

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Release Notes 9-14-2020

Update for selling items, messaging, member listings, etc.

There are a ton of cool new features in this release… features we’ve been holding onto for the last 6 months… features users have been asking for nonstop!

The highlights… a messaging system, you can now send messages to other users. You can also list your items for sale! Below is a complete list of all the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Let us know what you think of this release in the comments!

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Valuable Pennies

How to use Mavin to look up penny values

Maybe your grandfather left you his rare coin collection in his will. Maybe you have 20 Mason jars in the back of your closet that you’ve been filling with loose change. Or perhaps you read an article about a penny that sold at auction for $204,000, and you remembered that lucky penny you spotted on the sidewalk yesterday. Whatever it was that caught your interest, now you’re wondering that if that penny in your pocket might actually be worth more than one cent.

So now what? What exactly are you supposed to be looking for? Sure, there are lists out there of the most valuable pennies – the ones that fetch a hundred thousand dollars. But those lists are not exactly helpful to a new collector. You don’t have time to compare your pennies to the list one by one.

Instead, you need to know what qualities you should be looking for in a penny – what makes a penny rare? Then, when you have a penny you think may be valuable, you need to know if there are buyers out there who want that coin. Luckily, Mavin is here to help!

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Negative Keywords and Better Search Results

Product update showing Mavin search using negative keywords

Release 1-28-2020

This release contains exclusion operators; the ability to exclude results that contain negative keywords. For example, if you include “-reprint” in your search query, it will exclude results that contain the word “reprint”. Using negative keywords when you search Mavin will return better results… and a more accurate price estimate. We also improved our search algorithm to make searches more accurate.

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Rolex Watch Prices

Looking up Rolex watch prices using Mavin

Few accessories symbolize wealth and luxury quite like a Rolex watch. Recent years have seen unprecedented returns on investments in the vintage watch market. Wealthy collectors are choosing to invest in Rolex. Learn how to use Mavin to find out how much your Rolex watch is worth.

The Rolex brand inspires obsessive loyalty among its customers, and for good reason. Since 1905, Rolex has consistently produced high-quality timepieces with state-of-the-art technology and design. Classic Rolex models are famous for their unique functionality, from the Submariner, created specifically for divers, to the Milgauss, an anti-magnetic watch designed in the 1950s for scientists to keep time while conducting nuclear research without sacrificing style.

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