Comic Book Values

Using Mavin for comic book values

You may have rare and valuable comic books in your possession and not even know it! Are they junk…? Or maybe they’re worth thousands of dollars! So… how do you … Continue reading

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Book Values

Using Mavin to look up book values and prices

The value of a book can vary greatly… from a few cents to thousands of dollars, depending on the books rarity, popularity, and condition. You also must consider the fact … Continue reading

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Baseball Card Values

Using Mavin to look up baseball card values.

Looking up baseball card values on is easy. Mavin tells you what your baseball card ACTUALLY sold for, not what someone is asking! There’s a difference! You’ll just need … Continue reading

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Pokemon Card Values

Marvin with a Pokemon hat on.

Popular Pokemon from early sets are among the most valuable Pokemon cards, but even recently released cards can fetch high prices. It’s all about supply and demand… strong demand, plus … Continue reading

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Coin Values

Mavin for coin values and current prices

The value of a coin depends on the type of coin, its condition, and its rarity. The condition of the coin is critical: scratches, dents, and corrosion can greatly reduce … Continue reading

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Stamp Values

Mavin for stamp values and current prices

For stamp collectors, the value of a stamp is determined by a variety of factors, including rarity, age, condition, historical significance, design, and demand. Stamps that are rare, older, in … Continue reading

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How to Look Up the Value of…

Search tips for looking up value of collectibles

Using Mavin to look up the value of your collectibles is easy… once you get the hang of it! If you’re new to Mavin, it may take a little trial … Continue reading

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Valuable Pennies

How to use Mavin to look up penny values

Maybe your grandfather left you his rare coin collection in his will. Maybe you have 20 Mason jars in the back of your closet that you’ve been filling with loose … Continue reading

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Rolex Watch Prices

Looking up Rolex watch prices using Mavin

This article shows you how to look up Rolex watch prices. Get real market prices based on Rolex watches that have sold recently. Continue reading

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How to Sell your Collection on eBay

Table full of stamps, coins, sports cards, and other collectibles that I want to sell on Ebay.

This article will guide you through the process of selling your collection on eBay. It’s full of tips that will save you time, money, and heartache! We’ll cover how to … Continue reading

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