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Comic Book Values

Using Mavin for comic book values

You may have rare and valuable comic books in your possession and not even know it! Are they junk…? Or maybe they’re worth thousands of dollars! So… how do you know what your comic books are worth? Keep reading to learn how to look up the current market value of your comic book, and what factors to take into account when estimating a comic book’s value.

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Baseball Card Values

Using Mavin to look up baseball card values.

Looking up baseball card values on is easy. Mavin tells you what your baseball card ACTUALLY sold for, not what someone is asking! There’s a difference! You’ll just need to enter a few details about your card and Mavin returns cards just like yours that have recently sold. The “worth” is the average value of the cards matching your search results.

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Pokemon Card Values

Marvin with a Pokemon hat on.

Popular Pokemon from early sets are among the most valuable Pokemon cards, but even recently released cards can fetch high prices. It’s all about supply and demand… strong demand, plus limited supply, equals high value. Other factors such as the physical condition, whether it’s graded/authenticated, and the general market conditions will impact the card’s value.

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Coin Values

Mavin for coin values and current prices

The value of a coin depends on the type of coin, its condition, and its rarity. The condition of the coin is critical: scratches, dents, and corrosion can greatly reduce its value. Rarity is also important, as coins that are more difficult to find can often be worth more. Coins that are graded often sell for more money than non-graded coins. These grades range from 1 to 70, with a higher grade indicating a better condition. Coins with a higher grade and rarity will usually have a higher value, while coins in poorer condition will have a lower value. Coin values can range from a few dollars to many thousands of dollars for the same coin, so it is important for coin collectors to understand the different grades and factors that effect a coin’s price.

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Stamp Values

Mavin for stamp values and current prices

For stamp collectors, the value of a stamp is determined by a variety of factors, including rarity, age, condition, historical significance, design, and demand. Stamps that are rare, older, in good condition, associated with important historical events, and in high demand are generally more valuable than other stamps. You can use online valuation tools like Mavin to determine the market value of your stamps. It’s important to note that the value of a stamp can fluctuate over time and that stamp valuation tools may provide only a rough estimate of a stamp’s value.

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How to Look Up the Value of…

Search tips for looking up value of collectibles

Using Mavin to look up the value of your collectibles is easy… once you get the hang of it! If you’re new to Mavin, it may take a little trial and error before you get the hang of it. Each type of collectible is slightly different. The trick is knowing what details to include in your search and what details to leave out. But don’t worry! It’s easy! Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be a pro in no time.

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Valuable Pennies

How to use Mavin to look up penny values

Maybe your grandfather left you his rare coin collection in his will. Maybe you have 20 Mason jars in the back of your closet that you’ve been filling with loose change. Or perhaps you read an article about a penny that sold at auction for $204,000, and you remembered that lucky penny you spotted on the sidewalk yesterday. Whatever it was that caught your interest, now you’re wondering that if that penny in your pocket might actually be worth more than one cent.

So now what? What exactly are you supposed to be looking for? Sure, there are lists out there of the most valuable pennies – the ones that fetch a hundred thousand dollars. But those lists are not exactly helpful to a new collector. You don’t have time to compare your pennies to the list one by one.

Instead, you need to know what qualities you should be looking for in a penny – what makes a penny rare? Then, when you have a penny you think may be valuable, you need to know if there are buyers out there who want that coin. Luckily, Mavin is here to help!

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Rolex Watch Prices

Looking up Rolex watch prices using Mavin

Few accessories symbolize wealth and luxury quite like a Rolex watch. Recent years have seen unprecedented returns on investments in the vintage watch market. Wealthy collectors are choosing to invest in Rolex. Learn how to use Mavin to find out how much your Rolex watch is worth.

The Rolex brand inspires obsessive loyalty among its customers, and for good reason. Since 1905, Rolex has consistently produced high-quality timepieces with state-of-the-art technology and design. Classic Rolex models are famous for their unique functionality, from the Submariner, created specifically for divers, to the Milgauss, an anti-magnetic watch designed in the 1950s for scientists to keep time while conducting nuclear research without sacrificing style.

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How to Sell your Collection on eBay

Table full of stamps, coins, sports cards, and other collectibles that I want to sell on Ebay.

This article will guide you through the process of selling your collection on eBay. It’s full of tips that will save you time, money, and heartache! We’ll cover how to sell an item on eBay from start to finish… from looking up what the item is and how much it’s worth… to printing out the shipping labels after it sells. Read this article to become a pro eBay seller!

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Spider-Man Comic Book Values

The Amazing Spider-Man comic book value

Spider-Man made his first appearance in Fantasy #15 released August 1962 as a minor character. It wasn’t until March 1963 that the first issue of “The Amazing Spider-Man” was released… a series that would be one of Marvel’s all time top sellers. The original, and longest running Spider-Man series is the “The Amazing Spider-Man” title. Throughout the years numerous other Spider-Man series have been released by Marvel:

  • “Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man” in 1976
  • “Web of Spider-Man” in 1985
  • “Spider-Man” in 1990
  • “The Sensational Spider-Man” in 1996
  • “Avenging Spider-Man” in 2011
  • “The Superior Spider-Man” in 2013
  • In April 2014 Marvel relaunched “The Amazing Spider-Man”, starting with issue #1.

So, which Spider-Man comics are valuable? It depends on how old, how rare, and how popular that particular title is. The best way to see how much your Spider-Man comic is worth is to search Mavin and see how much it sells for online.

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