What your Beanie Babies are Worth

Want to know what your Beanie Babies are worth? This article shows you how to easily look up what your Beanie Baby is worth using the Mavin.io price guide.

Searching Mavin.io returns Beanie Babies that have sold recently online. You can use the checkboxes to pick a few comparable items. Mavin shows you the average price of the comps you picked…. aka what your Beanie Baby is really worth. Let’s get started!

Beanie Baby Search

  1. Enter the name of the Beanie Baby. For example, “Humphrey the Camel”.
  2. Include the phrase “Beanie Baby” in your search.
  3. Click the search button. If you get a lot of results, use the checkboxes and pick a few good examples.

For example Humphrey the Camel Beanie Baby

Looking up Beanie Baby Value

Finding the Name

When you buy a Beanie Baby it comes with two tags… a hang tag made of paper that literally hangs on the animal (attached by plastic tether), and a tush tag made of fabric that is sewn into the seem of the animal (near the rear-end… aka the “tush”). If your Beanie Baby still has the hang tag on it, it’ll be worth more money.

The name of the Beanie Baby is always printed on the hang tag… but not always on the tush tag. The first few generations of Beanie Babies didn’t have the name printed on the tush tag. If you have a Beanie Baby without a name on the tush tag, it could be an early generation and more valuable.

Valuable Beanie Babies

The earliest Beanie Babies tend to be the most valuable. The tush tags of the first few generations don’t have the red “ty” heart logo with red lettering. Instead they have black lettering and no heart logo. This is a good way to identify the early ones.

If your Beanie Baby has a hang tag with a misspelling or other error, it could be worth a lot of money. Collectors will pay a premium for Beanie Baby errors.

It’s not just the first few generations of Beanie Babies that are valuable. Even later generations of Beanie Babies included animals that were made in very limited numbers, making them highly collectable and valuable.

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