What your comic books are worth

Want to know what your comic books are worth? Use Mavin, a price guide for comic book values. It uses recently sold data to calculate what your comic book would currently sell for online. You can even pick a few comps (comparable items just like yours) to get a custom price estimate of what your comic book is worth. This article shows you how to use Mavin to look up the value of your comic books.

You need these details:

  1. Enter the title of the comic book.
  2. Enter the issue number – found on the front cover.
  3. Search and see what results you get. If you get a lot of results you can narrow it down by entering other details like the copyright year, if it’s graded/authenticated, country other than USA, etc.

Looking up a Comic Book’s Value

For example…

I have a vintage Spider-Man comic and I want to know what it’s worth. Here’s a picture of the comic I want to look up.

The Amazing Spiderman Issue #53 Issue number of comic book

I enter The Amazing Spider-Man 53 into the search box and it returns comic books that have recently sold (hopefully just like yours). In this example, my comic is worth about $29.18.

Mavin comic book value of Amazing Spiderman #53

If you get too many results that include comics NOT like yours, use the checkboxes to pick a few comps (comparable items)… Mavin will then show you the average price of your comps.

In my Spider-Man example, my comic isn’t graded and it’s not in the greatest shape. I clicked on a few of the results that looked similar to mine to get more details. Then I used the checkboxes to choose comics similar to mine. Mavin gives you an average price of  $24.50, a much more accurate price estimate of what my comic book is worth.

Comic book value after using checkboxes to pick comps

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