McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Values

McDonald's Happy Meal toy values

The Happy Meal was introduced in 1979, an irresistible meal plus toy combo, that continues to be popular with kids today. If you have a collection of Happy Meal toys from the 1980’s and 1990’s, they could be worth hundreds of dollars. But not all happy meal toys are worth a small fortune… it depends on how rare and collectible the toy is. I’ll show you how to look up the value of your McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

Enter these details

  1. Enter the copyright year… if you can find it. Look on the back where the copyright symbol and “Made in…” text appear. Sometimes the copyright year is missing.
  2. Enter the word mcdonalds… you don’t need to capitalize or use an apostrophe.
  3. Enter a description… a character name or descriptor like “comb, miss piggy, nugget, etc.” Keep it short.

For example 1988 mcdonalds nugget

Looking up what my vintage McDonald’s toys are worth…

If you don’t get any results… try a different description. For example, instead of “nugget” perhaps I should try “potato” to see if I get more results. It’s possible your toy isn’t from a Happy Meal, so try searching for your toy without including the word “”McDonalds” in your search.

If you get too many results… narrow it down by using the checkboxes to pick a few results just like yours. This will calculate an average price based on the items you selected. You can also try updating your search text to narrow down the results and get a more accurate estimated value.

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