Release Notes 5-19-2021

This is a big release in terms of new features, major improvements, and high impact bug fixes. The highlights: new item pages, paginated search results, and better search performance.

Version: 3.0.12
Released: May 19, 2021
Tags: cachingitemsperformancesearch results

New Item Page – New item page layout. Search results will no longer show inside a modal.
New Pagination – Pagination on the search results. Removal of infinite scroll.
New Image Arrows – Adds arrows to the image slider on the item page.
Improved Search Performance – Changes to how search style and image assets are compressed and delivered. Updates to search parsing, and refactoring on the search results page.
Improved Edit/Delete Items – More options for removing items from a collection: deleted, traded, sold.
Improved Item Page UI – Better handling of slideshow overflow, and widget spacing on the item page.
Improved Item Counts – Adds internal checks on item counts for different categories and buying types.
Improved Search – Removes parameters when switching between buying types or entering a new search query.
Bug Item Price – Fixes price parsing issue.
Bug Add/Edit Item – Fixes the thumbnail image and icon links on the add/edit item modal.
Bug Add/Edit Item – Fixes link to see comparables on the item page.
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