Release Notes 5-28-2021

This release fixes issues related to pagination, categories, and sorting. We also included improvements to speed up the search results page.

Version: 3.0.13
Released: May 28, 2021
Tags: cachingcategoriesperformancesearch results

Improved Search Performance – Optimizes layout of the search results to minimize content layout shift.
Improved Search Performance – Adds lazy loading for mobile devices on the search results page.
Improved Search Performance – Improves caching process for paginated and sorted results.
Improved Categories – Adds better error handling for parsing categories.
Improved Data – Changes to the backend data pipeline.
Bug Categories – Fixes caching with categories and empty caching issue.
Bug All Categories – Fixes an issue where “All Categories” wasn’t showing all the available results.
Bug Category Count – Fixes the category count for the opposite buying type currently selected.
Bug Sort – Fixes the sort order across paginated results.
Bug Comparables – Allows checkboxes for comparables to be selected across paginated results.
Bug Search – Fixes a URL encoding issue related to paginated search results.
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