Release Notes 11-28-2022

This release contains a major feature – Autocomplete! This feature makes it faster to complete searches by recommending items to search for as you’re typing. Our predictions are based on previous searches that have been done on Mavin. It should save you time typing and improve the quality of the results.

Version: 3.2.07
Released: November 28, 2022
Tags: analyticsautocompletecachingerrorssecurityUI

New Autocomplete – Added a new feature that makes search recommendations when the user starts to type.
Improved Button UI – Standardized buttons to use primary button style.
Improved Recaptcha – Updated recaptcha handling and analytics location.
Improved Error Handling – Updated handling email issues from payment processor.
Improved Analytics – Added server side analytics events tracking.
Improved Analytics – Added sign up success events.
Improved Security – Updated authentication process.
Improved Caching – Updated how cache is used for items.
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