Release Notes 8-13-2022

This release focused on performance and speed. We had to reengineer processes and rewrite code in order to make the time it takes to get search results back as short as possible. The hard work paid off! We can say, without a doubt, scientifically, that Mavin got faster… significantly faster! Check out all the updates in this release:

Version: 3.2.02
Released: August 13, 2022
Tags: analyticsfiltersnavigationperformancesearch resultssecurityUIvalues

NewEU Payment – Added EU payment options.
NewAnalytics – Added new lightweight analytics.
NewPerformance – Switched to a faster method of getting search results.
ImprovedItem Values – Added caching of user’s item count and values.
ImprovedPerformance – Changed the way we update the cache and made it faster.
ImprovedCountry Codes – Updated and improved how we handle country codes.
ImprovedSecurity – Updated packages for security and performance.
ImprovedPerformance – Removed slow analytics scripts.
ImprovedPerformance – Removed the ad from the search results page.
ImprovedSearch – Reorganized the search code to make it run faster.
ImprovedMiddleware – Updated middleware to improve performance and reliability.
ImprovedSearch – Reduced the number of search results to improve performance.
ImprovedEJS – Updated the embedded javascript templates.
ImprovedFilters – Prevented categories with 0 items from showing up.
BugMenu – Fixed a bug where the menu was showing and not hidden.
BugLinks – Fixed a broken link on the item page.
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