Release Notes 7-26-2021

Better search results! That’s the focus of this release. We made major changes to our backend systems to improve the number and quality of Mavin search results.

In addition to better search results, we fixed/improved a bunch of stuff that was nagging users: faster load times, better item images, detailed CSV export, UI improvements, and bug fixes.

Version: 3.0.17
Released: July 26, 2021
Tags: adsauctionfor saleimagesperformancesearch results

New Loading – Improved the loading experience when waiting for search results to come back.
New Ads – Improved the ad experience on the search results and item pages… removed ads, replaced ads, and changed the logic for showing ads.
New Systems – Upgraded our backend systems to find and serve data in a more robust, reliable way… no dependencies on 3rd parties.
Improved Search Results – Updated the UI for showing search result items.
Improved Search Results – Added details to “For Sale” search results… for example, “Time Left” and “Seller Name”.
Improved Images – Added better images when zooming in on thumbnails.
Improved Search Results – Removed the shipping price from showing up in the “For Sale” search results.
Improved Search Results – Changed the default number of search results from 25 to 50.
Improved Performance – Added lazy loading, caching, and other optimizations to speed up page load times.
Improved Export – Added additional details to the collection CSV export.
Bug Search Results – Fixed an issue that was preventing search results from showing up for certain categories.
Bug Close Button – Fixed an issue with the modal close button not showing up.
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