Release Notes 6-8-2021

The focus of this update is the search results page. We added auction results, so you can more easily view items up for auction that match your search. In addition, we improved the search filters, making it easier to see the filters currently applied and make changes. Behind the scenes, we continued our work on improving the performance of the search results page.

Version: 3.0.15
Released: June 7, 2021
Tags: apiauctiondevelopersfiltersperformancesearch resultssortUIwidgets

NewAuction Results – Updated the search results to include auction listings, added a “Bid Now” button, removed the save button and checkboxes.
NewFor Developers – Added a “For Developers” page that provides information about our API and web widgets. Updated the contact page to include options for developers.
NewSchema – Added new schema for auction search results.
ImprovedSearch Results – Removed the share button from the search results page.
ImprovedSearch Results – Updated the styles to better show the current set of results, better spacing and touch target sizes.
ImprovedSort Order – Changed the default sort order on For Sale (Buy Now) results to Best Match.
ImprovedSearch Performance – Made the images lazy load when saving an item on the search results page.
ImprovedPerformance – Updated the front-end JS libraries for improved performance.
ImprovedFilters – Changed the order of the filter options. The default sort order will now be first in the list.
ImprovedFilters – Updated the title of the refine modal to match the name of the controls on the search results page.
ImprovedFilters – Changed the name of the primary button on the filters tab to be “Done” instead of “OK”.
ImprovedWorth Modal – Updated the footnotes on the worth modal for auction results.
ImprovedMarvin – Added logic for Marvin to explain the auction search results.
ImprovedPerformance – Updated how the CSS is minimized, compressed, and inlined on the search results page.
ImprovedError Handling – Better error handling for expiring tokens.
BugSchema – Fixed a typo in the search results schema list of keywords for all buying types.
BugFilters – Fixed the issue where “Root” was showing instead of “All Categories”.
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