Release Notes 6-28-2021

There’s a good mix of front-end and back-end code that made it’s way into this release. The highlight, for users, will be the full screen image viewer on the search results page. You can now view images in their full height and width glory!

Pro Tip… use the keyboard arrows ←, →, and ESC key to control the image viewer. We plan on rolling this out to other pages in future releases. Let us know what you think!

Version: 3.0.16
Released: June 28, 2021
Tags: cachingcategoriescsvimagesperformancesearch resultssort

New Image Viewer – Added a full screen image viewer to the search results page.
Improved Caching – Updates to the caching process to improve page load times.
Improved Search Results – Upgraded our backend systems to provide better performance under periods of heavy demand. Reduced the page load times on the search results page.
Improved UI – Removed counts on the main level categories in preparation for future changes.
Improved UI – Improved the UI when saving an item and searching for an item in a collection.
Improved Collections – Sorts collections by last updated date. Improvements to how we handle empty collections.
Improved Collections – Updated the process for calculating collection totals for better accuracy and performance.
Improved Categories – Updated item categories to improve the number of search results and catetory options for users.
Improved CSV Export – Added better data to the CSV collection export.
Improved Security – Made things more secure for users. Updated and improved security around Mavin’s data.
Bug Sort – Fixed sorting across paginated results or results with extra parameters.
Bug UI – Fixed an issue with the clear input button on the search results page.
Bug Items – Prevents the user from saving an item without a name.
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