Release Notes 6-16-2022

This release contains about a dozen improvements to Mavin. Some of the improvements will impact users directly, other improvements are “behind the scene”, and will help our team deliver a better user experience. See the complete list of updates below:

Version: 3.2.01
Released: June 16, 2022
Tags: categoriesdatabasemetaschemasort

NewError Handling – Added error handling for selected categories.
NewQA Schema – Added a question and answer schema.
ImprovedMeta – Updated the meta title and descriptions.
ImprovedSearch Schema – Updated the sitelinks searchbox schema.
ImprovedEmpty Categories – Hides categories if they are empty.
ImprovedCheckboxes – Enlarged the clickable area of the comparable checkbox.
ImprovedWorth Modal – Updated how we set comparables and calculate price.
ImprovedDatabase – Updated checks on the database.
BugGrammer – Fixed an issue regarding plural vs singular search terms.
BugModal Links – Fixed a bug that made modal links difficult to click.
BugSorting – Fixed an issue with the sort order on the search results.
BugSchema – Fixed a schema error caused by incorrect number formats.
Bug500 Error – Fixed a 500 error caused by a zero value situation.
BugHidden Anchor – Fixed a bug that was linking to content that was hidden.
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