Release Notes 5-22-2022

This is a major release that includes changes to plans and prices, as well as many new features and helpful updates. There are also a number of bug fixes that were included in this release. See the detailed list of updates below:

Version: 3.2.0
Released: May 22, 2022
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NewEmail Service – Removed the old email marketing service. Created a new local DB solution.
NewSettings – Removed the selling defaults from the My Account settings.
NewPrivacy Controls – Added new privacy controls and privacy indicators.
NewWarnings – Added warning messages when a plan limit has been reached.
New403 – Added a custom 403 page for restricted pages.
NewError Logging – Added error logging when items are created and updated.
NewError Handling – Added error handling for categories being selected and passed in.
ImprovedSearch Results UI – Made the search results listings easier to read.
ImprovedPlans – Updated the plan names and features.
ImprovedPayment – Updated payment fields to used combined credit card input.
ImprovedPayment Fields – Updated the payment fields to match current form UI.
ImprovedFor Sale Sort – Changed the default sorting of For Sale results to be Best Match.
ImprovedCollection Paging – Made it easier to navigate large collections.
ImprovedMenus – Simplified the menus so they have consistent link names, and removed menu icons.
ImprovedCollection Images – Improved the way we handle collection images.
ImprovedButton UI – Updated the button from orange and red to the primary color.
ImprovedWelcome Email – Made the welcome email easier to read and get started.
ImprovedSign Up – Simplified the label names for sign up forms.
ImprovedMy Account – Added a link to cancel your account.
ImprovedCheckboxes – Enlarged the clickable area of the comparable checkbox.
ImprovedPayment UI – Simplified the payment form UI by removing icons and unnecessary fields.
BugError Messages – Fixed an issue with the position of the error message on pages with a fixed header.
BugSearch Input – Fixed a layout issue with search inputs and associated buttons.
BugAnalytics – Fixed an issue to more accurately calculate views.
BugMessages – Fixed an issue with the user image in the header of messages.
BugHeights – Fixed an issue with plan options being unequal heights.
BugHeader – Fixed an issue with header height and padding calculation.
BugCollections UI – Fixed the aligment of collection totals and user icon.
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