Release Notes 2-23-2022

We’ve heard from you! Loud and clear… and we’re making some big changes. You’ve been telling us what works well, what doesn’t work well… and what you wish Mavin could do. We’ve been listening.

In order to better serve our users, we’ve been making major changes to Mavin. We improved features, added some new ones, and removed some features that weren’t working well at all. For instance, we made it easier for you to look up and track the value of your items. Saving items has been streamlined into a single modal, not five!

This release is a major update, the culmination of months of work by the Mavin team. Here are some of the highlights:

Version: 3.1.01
Released: February 23, 2022
Tags: cachingcategoriesimagesplanssearch resultsUI

New Plans – Added new plans that better match our user’s needs and Mavin’s internal metrics.
New Auction Results – Added auction listings to the search results.
New For Sale and Auction Results – Added additional data sources to improve the search results.
Improved Saving – Made it easier to save items to your collection.
Improved Search Results – Updated the search results overview text, schema, and meta details.
Improved Images – Updated how images uploaded by users are processed.
Improved Collection UI – Simplified the UI by promoting highly used elements and removing unused elements.
Improved Category Navigation – Removed sub-categories from Top Category navigation menu. The Top Categories will route directly to the search results.
Improved Modals – Updated the modals to make them easier to use and string together.
Improved Caching – Improves the way search results are cached and served for better search results performance.
Improved Error Handling – Updated how we handle errors when searching and saving/editing items.
Bug Search Results – Fixed an issue with search queries that were causing inconsistent or slow search results.
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