Release Notes 12-19-2020

Updates to the search results page.

This release focused on improving the search results page. We optimized things to make the page load faster… by a lot! In addition, we added Marvin to the top of the search results page. He’ll give you helpful info and advice about your search. Finally, we fixed a bunch of bugs and made a few improvements behind the scenes.

Version: 3.0.5
Released: December 19, 2020
Tags: Marvinmetaperformanceschemaspeed

NewSearch Results – We added Marvin (the helpful Mavin) to the top of the search results page. He’ll give you pricing information and helpful advice, depending on your search.
ImprovedSearch Results – We made the search results faster by optimizing things on the backend.
ImprovedSearch Appearance – We changed up our meta and schema to help search engines index our pages.
FixedBugs – We fixed a bug dealing with counts (number of results) that makes them more accurate. We also fixed a bug dealing with images not loading. Similarly, we fixed some smaller bugs on the backend that aren’t worth mentioning.
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