Release Notes 10-26-2022

This is a minor release that enhances our ability to understand how users interact with Mavin. Key analytics will help us track what’s working well, what’s not working, and where we can make the biggest improvements for Mavin users.

Version: 3.2.05
Released: October 26, 2022
Tags: analyticsapiauctionperformance

New Event Analytics – Added analytic events to modal pathways, form errors, and page errors.
Improved Auction Listings – Updated the button styles for consistency.
Improved Page Analytics – Added page analytics to all major pages.
Improved Modal Analytics – Added hashtag tracking for modal view events.
Improved Analytics – Took the logic out of the data analytics attribute.
Improved Analytics – Improved the analytics performance by changing how and when it loads.
Improved Search Performance – Changed the search cache chron to improve performance.
Bug Forms – Fixed a button issue on modals using old button links, switched to form inputs.
Bug Compression – Prevented certain files from being compressed.
Bug API – Fixed a broken link issue for the Market Value API.
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