Release Notes 10-14-2022

This release is focused on improving the searching experience. We added the item detail modal to the search results page, making it easier and faster to get info on comparables. Also included, bug fixes that were impacting users and causing them to have a bad experience.

Version: 3.2.04
Released: October 14, 2022
Tags: analyticsitemssearch resultsUI

NewSearch Results – Added item details modal to the search results.
NewAnalytics – Added event goals to measure key metrics.
ImprovedUI – Updated header on search results.
ImprovedUI – Added help text when adding or editing collections.
ImprovedUI – Standardized button text and styles.
ImprovedUI – Added private collection icons to modal picklists.
ImprovedUI – Added external link icons to indicate outside links.
ImprovedSearch Results – Updated the way we handle calculated shipping.
ImprovedSearch Results – Added additional details and links to the item detail modal.
ImprovedItems – Added related Buy Now and Auction listings to item pages.
BugUI – Fixed a layout issue when viewing comparables.
BugUI – Fixed a layout issue when viewing comparables.
BugUI – Fixed a layout issue with Buy Now and Bid Now listings.
BugUI – Fixed broken item modal images.
BugUI – Fixed a padding issue when only one column of related items is showing.
BugSearch Results – Fixed an encoding issue that was causing issues on the sold search results.
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