Negative Keywords and Better Search Results

Product update showing Mavin search using negative keywords

Release 1-28-2020

This release contains exclusion operators; the ability to exclude results that contain negative keywords. For example, if you include “-reprint” in your search query, it will exclude results that contain the word “reprint”. Using negative keywords when you search Mavin will return better results… and a more accurate price estimate. We also improved our search algorithm to make searches more accurate.

Version: 2.30
Released: January 28, 2020
Tags: AlgorithmKeywordsSearch

NewExclusion Operators or Negative Keywords… just add a minus sign before the word you want to exclude. For example, “Babe Ruth -graded” will return Babe Ruth items that are NOT graded. You can use multiple negative keywords in your search. For example, “Babe Ruth -PSA -BGS -SGC” will return Babe Ruth items that don’t contain PSA, BGS, or SGC in the title.
ImprovedUpdated the search algorithm to return better search results.
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