Mavin Updates Database, Improves Service

Back in August we released MAJOR changes to our database and backend systems with the intended purpose of speeding up and improving search… giving you faster, more accurate price estimates. You’ll notice that searches take less than a second… we’re using some amazing cutting edge technology to build the best damn website for estimating value.

Plans for Fall 2018

Our plan for the Fall is to enhance search… things like quality of results, quantity of results, and accuracy of estimated value are the top priority for Mavin. We have over a dozen development projects centered around making search better that we’ll tackle this Fall.

We’re also planning on enhancements for our paying members. We have development projects planned for monthly email updates, so members can monitor the value of their collections. We have plans to improve the welcome experience for new members, making it easier to get started and get the most out of Mavin. We’re also working working on a new UI for our members collection and item pages.

Plans for Winter 2018-2019

We have big plans for the 2019… we’ve been laying the foundation for some huge enhancements to Mavin. I don’t want to give too much away… but the people asking to make their collection public or sell items in their collection… you’ll be very happy about what we have in store for you. Stay tuned!

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