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See what your sports cards are worth.

The humble team at MavinWorks is proud to launch, a search engine for people to look up what their collectibles are worth. It’s a price guide for all the things people buy, sell, and trade. The process is simple: type in a description of your item, and Mavin will present you with a price estimate based on comparable items. It’s fast and free, just like using Google.

For devoted collectors, a considerable amount of time goes into evaluating an item’s worth and the current online resources do not meet the demand of frequent collectors. However, this problem extends beyond the committed collector. With e-commerce growing rapidly, the number of people buying and selling items online is steadily increasing. This creates a market for anyone who wants to know the value of the item they’re buying or selling. Currently, trying to gauge an item’s worth is a time consuming process. It can involve countless craigslist pages, google searches, calculations, and digging deep into niche websites to find comparable items.

Our competitors charge collectors to access their proprietary price guide. However, those traditional guides are often out-of-date and users aren’t exactly sure where the information is coming from. People don’t want to pay for these guides, and they shouldn’t have to. The market is still dominated by these price guides simply because there isn’t a better alternative that is free, easy to use, and accurate like Mavin.

It’s free. Search engines don’t charge you money and neither will Mavin. You shouldn’t have to spend money to know your worth. You don’t have to pay money to use a search engine… you don’t have to pay money to search Mavin for what your stuff is worth.

It’s easy to use. Say goodbye to wasting time searching through niche websites to find comparable prices. Mavin collects all the pricing information you need and makes it accessible through a search box. If you can use Google, you can use Mavin. The information is presented in a friendly, usable way, and it allows users to quickly find what they’re looking for.

It’s accurate. We tell you what your item will ACTUALLY sell for. We base our price estimates on real-world, real-time market data, not proprietary data like other price guides. We give you a price estimate based on what you can realistically expect to buy/sell your item for. With Mavin, you can select comparable items to generate the most accurate price estimate.

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