– For what your sports cards are worth

Chances are you found through our sister site, A lot of users have asked us why we have two sites, so here goes: is where the majority of our content will live. We wanted that to be the first place people go so that way they understand how to use our price guide most effectively and find some helpful resources about collecting.

Many people who stumble upon our Card Mavin site are just trying to get an accurate price for their old cards that they discovered in their basement. They need the most help when it comes to searching effectively, using the card lingo, and what to do next once they’ve found the price of their cards., on the other hand, functions as the mainline to the information that serious collectors need to access. We’ve removed the clutter and try to give you the cleanest interface so you can get the prices you want quickly and efficiently. We will still provide some resources here on this page, but for the most part is the barebones, to-the-point price guide that gives you market values in a flash.

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