Why we built a worth app

We (the humble founders henceforth referred to as “we”…) collect a lot of stuff: sports cards of all kinds, coins, stamps, comic books, antiques and other items of significant worth. As a collector, you want to know what your stuff is worth… and not from some ancient paper price guide, but what you could buy or sell it for today if you listed it online. We wanted this. We were tired of doing Google searches and digging into websites to gather information on comparable items. It takes time and it is often difficult to find relevant results. And we were tired of building spreadsheets to record and track all this information we found researching online.

Our goal is to build the largest, most accurate database of pricing information that exists anywhere on the web… and share this technology with people through the best user experience possible. We want to empower collectors everywhere with the tools they need to get fast, accurate estimates of what their collectibles are worth.

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