Spider-Man Comic Book Values

The Amazing Spider-Man comic book value

Spider-Man made his first appearance in Fantasy #15 released August 1962 as a minor character. It wasn’t until March 1963 that the first issue of “The Amazing Spider-Man” was released… a series that would be one of Marvel’s all time top sellers. The original, and longest running Spider-Man series is the “The Amazing Spider-Man” title. Throughout the years numerous other Spider-Man series have been released by Marvel:

  • “Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man” in 1976
  • “Web of Spider-Man” in 1985
  • “Spider-Man” in 1990
  • “The Sensational Spider-Man” in 1996
  • “Avenging Spider-Man” in 2011
  • “The Superior Spider-Man” in 2013
  • In April 2014 Marvel relaunched “The Amazing Spider-Man”, starting with issue #1.

So, which Spider-Man comics are valuable? It depends on how old, how rare, and how popular that particular title is. The best way to see how much your Spider-Man comic is worth is to search Mavin and see how much it sells for online.

Enter these details

  1. Enter the series title.
  2. Enter the issue number.
  3. Enter the phrase comic book to restrict the results to just comic books.

Looking up Spider-Man Comics

For example…

Take this Marvel comic “the Amazing Spider-Man” issue 187… I want to know how much it’s worth.

Spiderman comic book worth

I enter “The Amazing Spider-Man #136 Comic Book” into the search box and it returns comic books that have recently sold (hopefully just like yours). In this example, my comic is worth about $30.40.

Looking up Spider-Man prices

But my Spider-Man comic book isn’t in the greatest shape. Some of the results being used in the price estimate are for comics in much better shape than mine.

Assess condition of comic book to determine value

Use the checkboxes to pick a few comps (comparable items) in the same condition as your comic… Mavin shows you the average price of the ones you pick.

Picking comic books in the same condition as mine to generate price estimate

What next?

If your comics are valuable you could get them professionally graded… graded comics are worth a lot more. This can get expensive so I only recommend sending your most valuable comics in to get professionally graded.

If you decide to sell them, make sure to check out our article on how to sell your comic books.

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